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Victory Motorcycles

Tel.: 1300 721 360 (Australia)
Tel.: 0508 842 867 (New Zealand)

About Victory Motorcycles Australia & New Zealand

Victory Motorcycles was established over 10 years ago in the U.S. and has become a popular brand in that market. Victory Motorcycles boasts a full selection of full-sized cruiser and touring bikes that are setting new benchmarks for performance, quality, comfort and modern styling. With styling input from partners such as the legendary custom bike builder Arlen Ness, it’s no wonder that the brand has achieved cult status over the last decade.

“Although there has been a great deal of interest in Australia for several years, we have taken our time to ensure we understand what Australian consumers want before we entered the market,” Alexander said.

“We conducted significant research into market preferences and consumer needs in the heavy cruiser and touring market and found the Australian market is screaming out for genuine alternatives in these segments. We learnt that American motorcycles are highly desired but interestingly, a large segment of the market is looking for a fresh look and feel to such bikes. Only one American brand delivers the desired combination of true cruiser performance and modern, progressive styling, and that brand is Victory.”

Great Style, Custom Opportunities

While Victory Motorcycles are styled to feature smooth, flowing lines and they feature stunning paint and chrome, they still afford riders ample opportunity to customize and accessorize – to make the bikes truly their own.

“Importantly, one of the biggest things we found in the research is that a large number of riders want an American motorcycle that isn’t already on every street corner,” said Alexander.

“They want something that is different and that better represents their individuality. With a Victory, they get a stylish bike that utilizes modern engine technology – and still allows for customizing and personalizing.”

A great example of this growing need for self-expression and individualism is the worldwide growth of the custom cruiser – a billion-dollar industry essentially created by legends such as Arlen Ness and newer players whose popularity has been fuelled by exposure on television reality programs.

“The strong growth in the custom cruiser segment shows us that riders are aggressively seeking alternatives – they’re looking for something new – to be bold with design and to challenge the status quo,” Alexander said. “This is the type of rider that will be attracted to the Victory brand.”

Unique Victory Styling

Throughout the Victory model line there are impressive examples of the unique, truly distinctive Victory styling that helps set the brand apart from the retro-cruiser crowd. There are myriad design cues that look like they came straight from a custom builder’s shop, such as:

• The stunningly painted, split tail, scallop-sided fuel tanks that seamlessly intertwine with the seat.
• Flush-mounted taillights integrated in rear fenders.
• The fattest rear tyre on any production bike – yet a tyre that handles beautifully on the road because it was designed by Victory Engineers in conjunction with their tyre manufacturer.

These are examples of how Victory separates itself from the rest. As Alexander pointed out, “One of the first things you notice about a Victory Motorcycle is that it has a real ‘custom’ look about it. The styling ‘extras’ that cruiser riders have previously needed to invest in or custom order are standard on a Victory. Rather than utilizing retro styling and traditional but outdated technology, Victory designers and engineers have created these machines with an eye toward the future. One ride on a Victory and you feel and enjoy the difference.”

Ness Specials

Victory has also introduced two limited-edition Ness Signature Series models. These motorcycles have been styled by master custom builders and Victory styling consultants Arlen Ness and his son and business partner Cory Ness. Both models represent the considerable influence on, and collaboration in design and styling that both Arlen and Cory have shared with Victory.

Modern Performance

Victory models are powered by Victory’s own engine, an American V-Twin OHC Fuel Injected 100 cubic inch, 1634cc powerplant. The engine not only performs, but they have set new benchmarks for reliability and low maintenance. The unit engine is strong and designed with a completely hydraulic valve lash and cam chain adjustment system that, in conjunction with the belt final drive, simply means there is more time spent riding and less time and money spent on maintenance.

It’s an engine that has won the highest praises in the U.S. market – from winning a stack of industry and consumer quality awards to possibly the biggest compliment of all – Arlen Ness is using the Victory V-Twin in his own brand of Ness bikes.

“This engine has everything we wanted – power, torque, performance, balance and reliability,” Arlen Ness said. “I’ve seen this engine evolve over the last decade and I gotta say, it’s special”.

However, for the road-warrior who thinks that somehow 1600+ cc is not quite enough, enter S&S Cycle, the legendary 50-year-old performance company that offers a Victory V-Twin 106 cubic inch stroker performance kit designed to smooth out face wrinkles on any rider.

Brett Smith, President of S&S Cycle, also has a huge respect for the Victory V-Twin powerplant, noting, “It’s just a great engine – almost too good – but we worked hard with the Victory team and managed to engineer a performance kit that really adds some spice and rumble.”

New Luxury-Touring Models

In 2007 Victory turned heads in the motorcycle world when it launched the Victory Vision luxury tourer. The Victory Vision has a sleek, modern design that clearly shows that Victory is leading the motorcycle world into the future. The two variants of Victory Vision are the “Street” and “Tour” models. Cool features such as the integrated, iPod-ready sound systems and cruise controls complement fresh engineering approaches such as the aluminium frame and the dual fuel tanks.

“Our engineers and design team undertook several years of market research and extensive testing developing the Victory Vision,” Alexander said. “While the modern design is easy to distinguish, the ride, handling and comfort characteristics are class leading, and they will meet or exceed the growing expectations that riders in the Luxury Tour segment now expect in their motorcycles.”

Make no doubt about it, Victory sees itself as a premium brand. Alexander points out, “It’s simple, we make a world class product. We have won awards for the great quality and really high customer satisfaction in the U.S. – major awards that we are really proud of and that tell us that our riders are happy with our direction. Just look at the quality of the paint work on a Victory – you’ll understand.”

Victory Motorcycles Australia plans to open a national dealer network and develop it over a 3-year period. For lucky Melbournians, the first Victory Motorcycle Dealership will be a massive 900m square purpose-built dealership at the Carlton end of Elizabeth Street – four doors down from the new Ducati dealership and opposite Toyota – a 300 metre stroll from Queen Victoria market!