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Dinli Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

118, Industrial 9th Rd, Tali,
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel.: +886 4 24917666
Fax: +886 4 24917166

Year of Company was Founded

DINLI METAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD was founded at August a, 1983 .At beginning of time , DINLI was started from manufacture parts of motor vehicles engine to most of the South East Asia market .Because of those development, it helps DINLI walk toward the successful business enterprise form in future .

Period of development and invention

Started from 1996, DINLI tries to explore different market by continuous invent the new product actively and to differentiate from traditional motor vehicle market .Therefore, DINLI has invented All Terrain Vehicles =ATV beach motor bike and it becomes main product of DINLI.
After several serious test and approved by CE certificate European Union, DINLI had set the target on European market .Also, DINLI METAL has owned brand name for purpose to get acquaintance from vast consumer and international market .
On May of 2003, DINLI METAL has merged U.S company “CANONDALE” , and expand its business toward area in “Racing Car and ATV beach motor bike market” and “Heavy motorcycle”
It was very critical decision to DINLI METAL for this merged .It was reshape and promoting toward international professional skill from DINLI METAL original owned technical skill. DINLI has create “Blue ocean market opportunity” in the Motor cycle industries in Taiwan.

Era of business expansion.

Due to Company had made right decision and direction. On December 2003, any type of motor cycles from DINLI METAL has approved with “European Union , C-Mark Certificate”.
On January 2005 , company was permissible to be part of the “Bond factory guard by Taichung bureau in tariff duties from Ministry of finance”.
On August 2005 , company was received award of the “8th Award of little Giant of Small and medium-sized enterprises from board of trade”.
On May 2006, Company tries to expand business by set up long operation objective with built up number 2 factory of DINLI.

Future expectation

For the objective of company future product, the DINLI will develop more 700 C.C engine and 300 C.C heavy motor bikes product and replace present (ATV) beach motor bike market, and the estimated mass production date is in March of 2008. Until then it will create another brand new market competition advantage.
On November 2006, No.3 factory of DINLI has built and its purpose for expand scale of operation and business categories .The total area of the factory are 10,070 square feet.
This factory has completed construction on November, 2007, its purpose to help company to collect any kind of resource and to create most economic efficiency.